Altimedia commercializes Belgian VOO web middleware platform

VOO, a Belgian telecommunication quadruple play operator to which Altimedia provided a web-based middleware platform, launches VOO TV+, its new television experience on February 15. The telecommunication operator has entirely redesigned its entertainment platform to respond to its clients’ needs. A new way of watching television based on a 100% personalized, multiscreen and mobile approach.

VOO launched the ‘Evasion Box’ with catch-up capabilities in 2015, and has been preparing a large-scale upgrade project including Web middleware, next-generation UX, personalization, multiscreen, and TV app store since 2018. Altimedia led the Web middleware and TV application implementation as well as the overall device integration in this project.

VOO’s Christian Vyncke, VP Tech, said, “With the explosive increase of content and the widespread use of media viewing on multiple devices, an open platform that supports personalized services is needed.” Altimedia’s solution has enabled us to bring out the optimized performance of the Evasion Box, and we could cost-effectively mount various additional services on top of that.”

By launching VOO TV+, personalized recommendations are now available through profile management for each family member, and the same user experience is provided on various mobile devices as well as on TV.

“VOO’s requirement was to achieve high-quality services, open platforms, and integration of various technological elements in a limited hardware environment,” said Jungcheol Park, head of the Terminal Platform Development at Altimedia. “We believe that we have proven our competitiveness in Linux/Web-based platforms through our product technology and development know-how.”

As an end-to-end solution provider for multimedia services, Altimedia is securing source technology for receiver SW platform, user experience (UX), security solutions such as head-end, CAS/DRM, and voice-based AI solutions. About 50 million receivers around the world are equipped with those software platforms and services, and have carried out a number of conversion projects globally. Altimedia is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and has branches and local offices in Amsterdam, Hanoi, and Taipei.

About VOO
VOO is a Belgian telecommunications and Entertainment provider focuses on its customers’ needs to deliver a unique, simple and customized experience. VOO is active in Wallonia and in Brussel and provides digital television, high flow internet, mobile and fixed telephony for BtoB and BtoC.

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