Altimedia to supply IPTV solutions to 3BB TV in Thailand in partnership with KT

Working in partnership with KT, Altimedia has signed a contract to supply IPTV platforms with the 3BB TV Company Limited, a paid broadcasting service provider under Jasmine Group in Thailand.

Jasmine Group has the ambition to launch the IPTV service by the end of 2020 to become Thailand’s No.1 telecoms carrier with a competitive product combining the previous TTBB high-speed Internet of the group and 3BB TV IPTV services.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the group is making efforts to strengthen its competiveness by establishing a new IPTV service and secure the experience and knowledge of operating the platform in cooperation with KT, which provides the best IPTV service in the world.

Altimedia has taken part in the consortium hosted by KT to consult 3BB’s media platform/service establishment in the second half of last year. As a result, KT has signed a commercial contract with 3BB and KT in March to commercialize the service. Alticast, the parent company of Altimedia also concluded the subcontract of the project covering middleware, UI/UX, service applications, and channel data headend system among the total IPTV solutions. Alticast is in charge of overall project management, while Altimedia takes responsibility to supply, develop, and implement the solutions under Alticast.

Park Do-sa, CEO of Altmedia, said, “We expect to have more global business opportunities similar to the 3BB TV project through solid cooperation with KT, and we will continue to strengthen and prove the competitiveness of media solutions.”

Meanwhile, Altimedia is an end-to-end solution provider for multimedia services, which was physically divided from Alticast last December to convert business portfolio and strengthen development expertise. The company is actively engaged in supplying platforms in Europe and Asia and cables in Korea. Furthermore, it has the original technology for receiver SW platform, user experience (UX), headend, security solutions such as CAS/DRM, and voice-based AI solutions.

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