Altimedia Named Best Partner for Viettel Network

Altimedia was awarded a letter of appreciation for its excellent partnership from Viettel Network operating the multiscreen media service platform of Vietnam’s No. 1 telecommunications operator Viettel.

Altimedia won a project to build a multiscreen broadcasting service platform worth $40m with Viettel in 2014 and has continued to cooperate to strengthen Viettel’s competitiveness in services since its commercialization in 2015. Altimedia’s solutions are applying to encompasses the entire multiscreen service platform, from the terminal platform, service applications, back-end systems, content management, and its distribution.

During the six years of cooperation, Viettel has become Vietnam’s No. 1 IPTV service provider, attracting about 2.4 million TV subscribers as well as 13 million mobile OTT subscribers. In recognition of its contribution to business successes, Altimedia received a letter of appreciation from Viettel Network, a subsidiary company of Viettel which fully charged the overall system establishment and operation for Viettel’s multiscreen services.

Ted Yoon, Head of Altimedia Asia, said, “There were many difficulties in the early days of the business at Viettel, which was almost like a barren land for IPTV. However, Altimedia’s advanced technologies and the aggressiveness alike local companies have appealed to conservative Viettel.”

Altimedia is an end-to-end solution provider for multimedia services such as receiver SW platform, CAS/DRM, UI/UX, headend, and voice-assisted AI solutions to over 50 million devices worldwide via broadcast, broadband, and mobile platforms. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea with major offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands; Hanoi, Vietnam; and Taipei, Taiwan.

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